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    Whether you are looking for therapy as an individual, a couple, a family, or for your child, we can help. In person therapy includes a 60 minute session with a qualified therapist at our office. We take Cigna, BCBS, and Aetna. If you are self-pay, we can provide needed documents for out of network reimbursement (click here to find out more). Our in office therapists are qualified to provide treatment for a variety of struggles and challenges, using research based methods such as; CBT, EMDR, and the Gottman Method.

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    Derek Allen, LPC

    Who does he treat: Adults

    What does he treat: Trauma, anxiety (including performance anxiety), depression, dissociation, job stress, religious/faith struggles, problems specific to males (including provider stress).

    Insurance/Cost: Cigna, BCBS, Aetna, self-pay – starts at $150 for 60 minutes

    Melissa Araujo, LAC

    Who does she treat: Individuals of all ages

    What does she treat: A variety of conditions, including trauma.

    Insurance/Cost: Cigna, BCBS, self-pay – $125

    Mary Walczak, LAC (Weekend appointments available)

    Who does she treat: Adults, women, and senior citizens

    What does she treat: Female insecurity and self-worth, domestic violence, intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, sex and love addiction, and codependency.

    Insurance/Cost: Cigna, BCBS, self-pay – $125

    Colin Bennett, LAC (Weekend appointments available)

    Who does he treat: Adults and teens

    What does he treat: Parenting issues, Anxiety, Depression, grief and loss, and men’s related issues.

    Self pay only: $125 for 60 minutes

    Ryan Hausenfluck, LMFT (Saturday Available)   

    Who does he treat: Adults, teens, couples, and families

    What does he treat: Relationships, Parenting issues, Anxiety, Depression, grief and loss, and men’s related issues

    Insurance/Cost: Aetna and Cigna. Self pay – $150 for 60 minutes

    Kathleen Tyrakoski, Intern

    Self pay only: $50 for 60 minutes

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