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    Thank you for all that you do and all that you have done. I will always highly recommend Derek, he is amazing at what he does.

    Derek is genuinely a sweet sincere person and it shows in his work.

    Mr. Allen has made me believe in therapy as a solution to good mental health again, before seeing him I did not believe therapy could help at all. I had gone to therapists, counselors and psychiatrists in the past and they were all horrible. However after seeing Mr. Allen for a little over a year I feel like I have my life back. He has helped me so much with my depression, anxiety, PTSD and everything else after years of abuse. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him. Thanks so much Mr. Allen for being the greatest therapist, supporter to improving mental health and just for caring. So if you need help with any mental health issues you should give Mr. Allen a call right now and don’t wait, he can help you, really.

    A safe place to turn to.

    I felt very HEARD by Derek and felt his input to be very relevant, helpful and insightful. I have only been to see him a few times and yet the direction that he pointed me and the tools that he helped me find have continued to be something I have found to be profoundly helpful. There were definitely some patterns that I have been able to identify on my own that I now have the tools to address and process on my own. THANK YOU. 

    Derek is hands-down the most helpful, thorough therapist I have ever worked with and I have seen quite a few therapists through the years. My therapy sessions have a purpose and are focused on my issues that need to be focused on. Derek does a great job of checking in with me to see if I feel like therapy is going in the right direction and if there’s anything we’re missing. He is always open to feedback and suggestions and encourages me to use my voice. I think he views therapy as a partnership where I have input into my treatment. He continually goes above and beyond to help me. We talk about really hard, intense subjects in therapy but he is always respectful, compassionate, and safe. I am extremely grateful to Derek because he is the best therapist I have ever worked with.

    Derek has qualities of kindness, empathy, strictness, great analogies and the clever ability to make you dig deeper in your progress.

    I came to AARC very depressed. After working with my therapist I am no longer depressed and look forward to each day with enthusiasm.

    I’m not an easy client. I’m the first to admit that. But I really appreciated Colin and all he did for me.